8 best Hertz Speakers for Motorcycles

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Since the advent of 20th century travelling to distant places seems like an ever-increasing trend. Motorcycle Audio Enthusiasts doesn’t seem to be far behind.

Hertz speakers offer the best function along with sound quality for your motorcycles. You will find a wide range of Hertz Mille motorcycle speakers with varying product characteristics, which can be overwhelming to make the right choice.

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☞    Mounting depth 146mm
☞    Tweeter 20mm neodymium
☞    Power handling 100-200 watts


Here are some of the best speaker selections




  • Mounting depth 146mm
  • Tweeter 20mm neodymium
  • Power handling 100-200 watts
  • Sensitivity 92 dB
  • Impedance 4 ohm


  • Package dimensions 17.3* 8.8*4.4 inches
  • Item weight 2.64 pounds
  • Magnet size 85mm
  • Wireless on display website

Hertz high energy 6.5” speakers are high-performance speakers with a unit of the frequency response of 50Hz-22kHz. They have a pure copper voice coil, antivibration rubber magnet covers and a lossless rubber polymer surrounding.

Customer reviews

I purchased these by reading some Hertz 6.5” motorcycle speakers reviews. I installed them on my Honda F6B. rich and pure sound. Better quality than the speakers I bought from another company.



  • 25mm neodymium driver
  • Product dimensions 1.57*1.97*16.54 inches
  • Item weight 13.7 ounces
  • High-efficiency 100W power

Hertz 1166702 bullet compression tweeter belongs to a series of midrange tweeters. It is made by passionate engineers and can be easily fitted in your motorcycle.

 Customer reviews

My friend had these installed on his Street Glide so when I upgraded stereo on my bike, I considered Hertz bullet compression tweeter. If you want to have clarity in your system unlike any other use these. You won’t be disappointed. They are well worth the money. I am very happy with these Hertz motorcycle speakers.

3. Hertz MPX 690.3 pro 6*9, 3-way coaxial speakers


  • Power handling 260watts
  • RMS 130 watts
  • Impedance 4ohm
  • Frequency response 30Hz-24kHz
  • Tweeter size 35mm
  • Item weight 13.52 pounds

This three-way coaxial speaker is a very smart device launched by Hertz motorcycle speakers for their customers. A must-have entry in the best speaker selections.

Customer reviews

These motorcycle speakers are great. I am powering them with a Hertz ML amplifier. These are a great choice for use on bikes. It’s a real beast.

4. Hertz ESK 165.5 6.5” 2-way component speaker system


  • Mounting depth 2.56”
  • Frequency response 3kHz
  • Sensitivity 6-12 dB
  • Item weighs 6.61 pounds
  • Synchrony Bank

Hertz ESK 6.5” is a system of street bike speakers having clear mid high-frequency detail. They contain a water repellent butyl rubber surround which makes them ideal for rides in harsh climatic conditions.

Customer reviews

we can’t say enough about these speakers. Great sounding set at an unbeatable price. They work best with the Hertz amplifier. Best 6.5 speakers so far

5. Hertz St 44 bullet compression tweeter set


  • Size 44 mm
  • Power 100W peak
  • Frequency response 2.5k- 20k
  • Neodymium magnet

The ST 44 Hertz motorcycle audio driver employs a copper-clad aluminium ribbon as an extra light. They give a better preset than Speakers Hertz 5-1/4

Customer reviews

I have tried a few bullets. This one is the best so far. Put it on my Harley Street Glide and the sound quality is excellent. You get what you pay for.

6. Hertz dcx 100.3 speaker system


  • size 4”
  • power 120 watt per pair
  • RMS 60 per pair
  • Mounting depth 1.7”
  • Mobile controlled voice calls

Hertz 4″ 2-way car speakers are also a good fit for motorcycles. dcx series allows having broad range frequency response and undistorted, powerful sound with any type of input sources.

Customer reviews

These energy COAXIAL motorcycle speakers have excellent sound quality and unparalleled power. I dropped the parcel from 2m height when it arrived but it didn’t affect the sound quality. It is highly recommended.

7. Hertz SV 200.1


  • Peak power handling 500 watts
  • RMS 250 watts
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Product weight 14.1 pounds

The hertz Bike Audio SV 200.1 is a sound pressure level competition speaker. It features a solid, robust structure and employs a copper voice coil for thermal and mechanical capability ensuring great sound pressure level scores.

Customer reviews

In my opinion, these are the best speakers you can buy. I put these speakers in my Harley Davidson road king bike and they are worth every penny! Quality sound. I would highly recommend them.

8. Hertz MLK 165.3 legend audio speakers


  • Power handling peak 300watts
  • Power RMS 150 watts
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • Frequency response 40Hz
  • sensitivity 91 dB

Hertz MLK 165.3 legend audio speaker systems are designed to take customers to a whole new level of audio experience. This brand-new model Mille system ensures high-quality sound. Its pressed pulped woofer cone with cotton fibres reduces unwanted vibrations.

Customer reviews

I purchased these speakers a month ago. I bought these as an upgrade for another company’s product. These are incredible. The sound quality is excellent, very clear with loud great bass. I am very happy with these fairing speakers.

BUYER’S GUIDE; Hertz Speakers

  • Frequency response of the speakers

First of all, check the frequency response of the speaker to ensure the best performance. Your speaker’s frequency should range 30Hz to 4kHz or it will not give quality performance

  • Sensitivity 

The sensitivity of speakers plays a major role in sound quality. For a clear sound, you should go for a speaker with a sensitivity of 75- 100 decibels.

  • RMS power

RMS power or wattage is the maximum volume a speaker gives at its highest level. If you want to avoid making too much noise you should get a speaker with low RMS maximum power. But for long off country road trips where you can get as loud as you want, you can get the RMS maximum power speaker.

  • Input options

There are a number of ways that audio can be played on speakers. You should go for the speakers that have maximum input options to help you play music from as many sources as possible like AUX, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card and flash drive.

  • Ease of installation

Your speakers should be easy to install on your motorcycle. You should also keep the size of your bike’s handlebars as well as well as the flexibility of the mounds you get for your new speakers. If you are inexperienced, it is suggested you hire an experienced person to install your speakers.

  • Build

Your speakers will undergo all sorts of vibrations, shaking, beating and bad weather. You’d want to ensure that you get a model that is able to withstand these circumstances and lasts for a longer period of time

       A high-quality aluminium or stainless steel shell can make the speakers durable for years.

       As for the interior, it should be made from lightweight stiff materials like polycarbonate, rubber and polyurethane.

  • Waterproof confirmation

You surely don’t want your money spent on motorcycle speakers to go waste because of rainy weather that makes them dead for good. Nearly all motorcycle manufacturers make waterproof speakers but it is still stressed that you confirm that the speakers you are buying are actually waterproof.

Personal preferences

The choice of buying a good motorcycle speaker always comes down to personal preferences for instance;

  • How often do you travel? Enthusiasm for Music Vibrates?
  • Do you prefer to listen to the music yourself or do you want it echoing around as you ride your bike?
  •  What type of input source you would be using to play music on your speakers?
  • How long will you be using the speakers before you have to charge them again?

The best is to consider your needs and requirements before getting into purchasing the best motorcycle speakers.

Mounting options

Motorcycle speakers can come with a number of different mounting options as per requirement. The most common mounting options for speakers are two.

  • Rear-end mounting motorcycle speakers
  • Handlebars mounting motorcycle speakers

Rear-end mounting speakers

These are the speakers that are designed to mount on the stern of the motorcycle. These speakers enhance the spreading of sound out in all directions


 Every product comes with its pros and cons that can be adjusted as per your needs. Rear-end mounting motorcycle speakers can offer some benefits such as;

  • They are mounted on the back of a motorcycle so they do not cause any vision problems.
  • They are ideal for long off country road trips where you can get as loud as you want without any kind of restrictions.


  • they are a little bit difficult to install on the motorcycle.

  • they don’t project sound directly into the front of the rider.

Handlebars mounted speakers


  • the handlebars mounted speakers are ideal because of their ability to project sound directly in front of the rider.
  • they are light weighted but durable.
  • They are easier to install on the bike


  • They might block a little view of the rider.

Helmet speakers

Helmet speakers are different because they are installed inside the helmet of the rider rather than on the motorcycle. helmet motorcycle speakers give you the following benefits

  • They are easy to use.
  • They offer the advantage of hands-free communication.
  • The audio remains confined within the helmet of the rider.

For you we have gathered a few of the best hertz motorcycle speakers /audio woofers to upgrade your music experience.



Finding the best Hertz Audio speaker for motorcycle audio enthusiasts took hours of research. Understanding the needs and requirements is crucial in finding the best motorcycle speakers.

Whatever product you may buy, try to know things like frequency range and frequency contour beforehand. 

FAQs | Hertz Speakers

1. what is the best hertz motorcycle speaker?

the best hertz motorcycle speaker is Hertz 165 6.5” two-way high energy coaxial speakers because of their high-frequency response, sensitivity and most importantly the rubber polymer surrounding that provides them extra durability

2. Are all hertz motorcycle speakers universal?

No, all hertz audio motorcycle speakers are not universal and have varying frequency ranges. Each model is designed according to different requirements. You should consider all the factors that make a motorcycle speaker ideal for your motorbike before buying it.

3. Which is better? helmet speakers or handlebars speakers.

handlebars speakers are better than helmets because they allow you to listen to audio without being oblivious to your surroundings. Plus, helmet speakers have a lot of wires that have to be placed inside the helmet that can cause inconvenience for the rider.

4. Can we use Hertz motorcycle speakers on other vehicles like cars?

Yes, you can certainly use Hertz motorcycle speakers in your cars. In fact, they would work better in your cars. They can easily be installed on your dashboard, in the trunk or even under the seats and will give the best audio performance.

5. Do Hertz motorcycle speakers provide the grills alongside the speakers or do we have to buy them separately?

some of the products that Hertz motorcycle speakers provide come with accessories such as grills and they cost a little bit more than the speakers that do not come with the grills. You can always buy these grills separately.

6. What is the average battery life of the Hertz motorcycle speakers?

This is a wireless Bluetooth speaker system, which means it is battery operated. Fortunately, it comes equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, that offers up to twelve hours of use per charge, with an average charge time of two hours.

7. Where can you buy the best Hertz motorcycle speakers?

You can find the best Hertz Audio motorcycle speakers on Amazon. It offers a wide range of products from cheaper to high-end expensive options. Motorcycle speakers other than Hertz are also available on Amazon along with ​their reviews ​that help in making the right choice before making the purchase.

How about Arc Moto Hertz Speakers

The ARH-1 is a compact, lightweight speaker that delivers high quality sound. It features an integrated subwoofer and dual 8″ woofers for deep bass response. The ARH-1 has a built in amplifier with volume control and a power switch. The speaker is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included). This package includes

  • one pair of ARH-1 speakers,
  • one set of mounting brackets,
  • one remote control,
  • one user manual, and
  • one warranty card.



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