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Are you about to burn those rods? Well, to make sure that you get the desired results, you need to make a decision between buying the best budget tig welder for home use.

For that, you will need some useful information on your hands. A TIG welder is not something always talked about, so it’s normal if you lack the necessary information that makes up the best ac/dc tig welder for the money.

Take classes for it? No. Read this article? Yes.

This article is the ultimate buying guide which will walk you through some of the best tig welders for home use and what they should have. All you need to do is keep your budget in mind!

A Buying Guide To A Good Tig Welder For Beginner

TIG welding belongs to the modern era, hence it has an edge over other welding processes. However, you shouldn’t forget that with the wrong tool, any project can go wrong. Hence, it is highly advised to know what you are buying.

The Thickness Of Metal

To many seasoned welders, welding a thick metal seems like a heavy job! However, only until now. The rule of the thumb is, the thicker your metal is, higher should be the amperage on your TIG welder.

You don’t want to buy a 3 amperage TIG welder for a metal that actually needs 10 ampere to be welded!

Ac/Dc Power

Should we select an AC or a DC powered TIG welder?

We get this question a lot. Before you choose either of these, there is a question you need to ask yourself. “What metal am I going to weld?”

That, my friends, will give you the answer.

For magnesium and aluminum, an AC source works fine while for materials like steel, DC source is preferred. If you have to work with different metals on and off, then the best is to buy the one which entertains both of these sources.

Portable Welding

Do you work in a single shop or do you have to often change places? If you follow the latter one, then you will need a portable machine that can travel with you anywhere that you do. There are two types of portable TIG welders; engine driven and inverters. The most common one are inverters, so if you can purchase them at an affordable rate, then go for them.

Welding Power Source

It is the time duration before your welding machine overheats. You can figure this out by going through your TIG welder’s duty cycle that is often mentioned along it. It is preferred to buy such a TIG welder that has a higher duty cycle so that you can complete long projects without any interruptions or breaks.

Now that you know the features, you might have already sketched the picture of your best TIG welder in your mind. But before you head out to the market in search of these welders, we recommend you to go through the following 6 welders, all of which are perfect in their own way.

Top 6 Best Budget Tig Welder

It will be our honor to walk you through some of the best TIG welders that are under budget and have good customer reviews. All of these have been narrowed down after an extensive research so that you can land on a good cheap tig welder that works perfect for you.

1- Goplus ARC Welder, 200 AMP Lift TIG Welding

When looking for the best affordable tig welder, make sure it does not miss out on the important features that make up a reliable TIG welder. While keeping this in mind, we chose this welder by “SUNCOO” which is a good cheap tig welder and goes toe-to-toe with higher brands.

The following features can explain better why it is the best affordable tig welder.


      • Two welders in one- TIG and STICK/ARC welder.
      • Gives 200Amp current in both of the modes.
      • Modes can be changed by pressing a single button.
      • Welds stainless steel, copper and carbon steel.
      • Uses MOSFET inverter technology.


  • Produces little or no welding noise.
  • Ensures a constant welding current.
  • Gives a smooth and even welding result.
  • The starting system of arc is user-friendly.
  • The best inexpensive tig welder.
  • Protection against over-heating etc.
  • Highest rated duty cycle (60%).


  • It is a DC welder only.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • No warranty.

Apart from the inconsiderable cons, it’s hardly ever that you find a cheap tig welding machine with ALL of these features. Whether you want it for home-use or for developing your business, this TIG welder is passionate to assist you.

Someone who spent on this TIG welder has to say, “It is smooth to use and it easily strikes up!”

2- Mophorn TIG200 200A AC DC

Let’s increase our budget and jump to something even better. Falling in the category of best tig welder for beginners, we cannot resist but choose it as the best affordable tig welder as well. When you’ll go through its features, you’ll realize why this investment is worth-making.


      • 2 in 1 welder.
      • Can be used as TIG and MMA welder.
      • Efficiency up to 85%.
      • AC and DC inverter.
      • Protection against over-heating, over current etc.
      • Reliable heat dissipation fan.
      • Welds alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel etc.


  • Multi-functional.
  • Highly efficient.
  • The best budget ac dc tig welder.
  • Easy arc starting.
  • Foot pedal is included.


  • A bit pricy.
  • Heavy in weight.

With all of these features opened like a book in front of us, it’s easy to decide whether or whether not this can be the best affordable tig welder for you. people who bought it were positive about it and had to say, “Impressed by this cheap tig welder with foot pedal. Worth your money!”

3- Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC

Welcome to one of the leading brands, LOTOS! Being a big name in the market, its products are certainly something you want to bet on. They manufacture welders in a variety of ranges with little or no difference in the quality.

We, of course, had to look out for the best ac/dc tig welder for the money and so we did. Scroll down to have a look yourself!


      • 200amp current output.
      • Suitable for aluminum welding.
      • AC and DC inverter.
      • Efficiency up to 80%.
      • Can precisely weld steel, alloy steel.
      • Enables TIG, STICK and MMA welding.
      • Arc is adjustable.
      • Dual voltage input.


  • Accurate aluminum welding.
  • Works on both AC and DC.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • Provides foot pedal.
  • Ensures stable and smooth welding.
  • A high frequency tig welder for sale.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Can be expensive for some.

Are you looking for the best cheap tig welder for aluminum? If you were, then good news, you have already met it. The resulting material after using this TIG welder will be so defined, that chances are, people will ask you about your welder!

Almost all of the people have rated it five stars. One of them even commented on it saying, “Excellent value and a great machine!”


Now, if you cannot bring the above TIG welders under your budget, then we are certain that this one will work for you. Being around $200 only, this TIG welder is definitely the best stick welder for the money. Read below to know why!


      • A high frequency TIG welder.
      • Duty cycle up to 60%.
      • Stick, arc and MMA welding.
      • Uses IGBT soft switch technology.
      • Weighs only 23.2 pounds.
      • Automatic protection against overprotection etc.


  • High rated duty cycle.
  • Best budget stick welder.
  • Simple and convenient to operate.
  • User-friendly.
  • Light weight.
  • Automatically controls the temperature.


  • Does not support HF TIG.
  • Does not come with consumables.

You want something lightweight yet effective to work with. This is exactly that type of TIG welder which can assist you during long projects without physically exhausting you. It is the best tig welders for home use and for professional use as well. Someone who had an access to low power used it and said, “Even at low power, this welder can get the job done!”

5- Amico TIG-160DC, 160 Amp TIG

While there are many cheap tig welder for sale flooding through the market, choosing the best budget tig welder is often a daunting experience. However, we have chosen it for you before and we will choose it again. This welder has to be the best inexpensive tig welder.


      • 2 in 1 welder.
      • Allows TIG/arc/stick welding.
      • Uses IGBT inverter.
      • Gives 180amp.
      • Automatically prevents overheating, overvoltage etc.
      • Temperature control.
      • Welds steel, stainless steel, alloys, nickel and much more!


  • Multi-Function.
  • HF TIG is possible.
  • Easy arc starting system.
  • Safe and secure to work with.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • The best budget tig welder.


  • Less current output.

Anyone who ever bought this TIG welder gave this little powerhouse a five star rating! It takes less from you, and gives a lot in return. Especially if you are beginner, this welder will help you improve and learn.

Since nobody wants to miss out on the best tig welder for beginners, many people bought it and one of them said, “Super welder for the price.”

6- Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565

This one is a bit pricy but if you’re someone who’s ready to pay for something over the odds, then trust us, it will worth it. Investing into something grand can give you ten times more, provided that you have bought the best beginner tig welder which can be used for professional purposes too.


      • High frequency start.
      • Precise arc control.
      • Uses square wave inverter.
      • Operates on either 110VAC or 220VAC.
      • Duty cycle of 60%.
      • 200amp current output.


  • Even and stable welding.
  • Burns materials into defined ones.
  • Perfect for welding aluminum accurately.
  • Technical support is available.


  • Only AC welding.
  • A heavy TIG machine.

It might not be one of the cheap tig welder for sale, but it is certainly worth the price. On professional platforms, it will help you to bring out the best results with minimum efforts.

A user of this TIG welder expressed their opinion regarding it in the following words, “Definitely the best cheap ac tig welder.”


To bring the entire article into a single paragraph, these best budget tig welder are efficient and reliable. No matter which one you choose, they will assist you for as long as you are in this profession of welding. Buy one of these TIG welders and start welding splendid crafts today!

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The best TIG welder for the money is AHP Alpha.
A good tig welder for beginner is Forney 322.
A good cheap tig welder is Lotos.
Ranges from $200 to above $1000.





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